Daring to Invent: 8 Steps to Turn Your Idea into a Successful Product

Congratulations! You have an exciting new invention you know will be snatched up by millions of eager buyers – if you can get it out of your head and onto store shelves. Now what? How can you sell your idea?

  • Can you afford a patent?
  • Where can you get help with prototypes?
  • Who, if anyone, can you trust?
  • How can you succeed if you don’t know where to start?

Alan Beckley, inventor of the Wonder Wallet, answers these questions and more in Daring to Invent – a practical step-by-step guide for moving invention dreams to successful reality.

The listener will learn:

  • Websites you must search – to make sure your product isn’t already out there
  • How paying for a professional patent search early can prevent wasting thousands of dollars later
  • Why joining a local inventor’s group may be your best business decision
  • How to find an affordable patent attorney
  • Where to find affordable help with prototypes
  • How to decide whether to sell your product or license it for royalties

Mr. Beckley has distilled 14 years of experience into a practical eight-step guide to jump start your inventing journey from idea to successful reality.



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Listening Length1 hour and 8 minutes
AuthorAlan Beckley
NarratorAlan Beckley
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Audible.com Release DateFebruary 26, 2018
PublisherAlan Beckley
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