ONLINE MARKETING BOOT CAMP: The Proven 10-Step Formula To Turn Your Passion Into A Profitable Business, Create An Irresistible Brand Customers Will … And For All! (Influencer Fast Track® Series)

Frustrated with Facebook adsnot producing good results?

Paying thousands of dollars to social media managers and SEOs and still only minimal conversions?

Then let this snappy, little guide from the INFLUENCER series help you in typical, fun – SassyZenGirl – style!

What 98% of businesses miss + why they fail!

PART 1 starts with the 10 must-have pillars for any internet marketing success. This is what 98% of entrepreneurs and business owners miss and why they fail!

Your marketing campaigns cannot be successful if you forget even one of these marketing basics, and you need to have them in place before even considering any marketing strategies!

Learn how the 2% of successful entrepreneurs smartly position their brands, so customers will always choose their business over everyone else (hint: it’s not luck – there is a proven branding strategy at play here and you can apply it, too!).

In PART 2, we will cover the psychological principles of effective copywriting and how you can make your sales copy instantly more effective by just changing one or two words.

You will see what your #1 FOCUS needs to be, especially during your first year (it’s probably not what you expected…).

In PART 3, we will cover the:

TOP 15 most effective Digital Marketing Strategies for 2020

so you can pick the ones best suited for your business while maximizing their effectiveness. Whether you:

  • Have struggled to gain traction with your blog posts or want to use blogging for profit…

  • Want to leverage the amazing power of influencer marketing, learn the most effective influencer strategies and how to find influencers on Instragram, Facebook & Youtube that will actually bring you results…

  • Read every social media bible…:) but are still struggling with social media copywriting or branding, still not gaining any followers in large numbers…

  • Want to explore newer strategies like messenger chat bots & Medium

  • Discover how Pinterest can generate you a 100K a month (not a typo!)


  • Still wondering how to start a business online and

What do I need to start a business?

You will have a clear action plan in place once you finish this book and finally feel that you, YES YOU (even the quiet introvert in the back…:), can master marketing and get your business the attention – and financial rewards – you deserve.

Ready to #ShareYourAWESOME with the world?


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