Freight Broker Business Startup: The Ultimate 7-Step In-Depth Guide to Start and Grow Your Brokerage Business in 30 Days Even Without Experience | BONUS: Starter Kit



If so, this is the best place for you.

Freight Brokerage is one of the most stable and multi-billion dollar businesses that has been around for decades.

However, it’s widely known as an exclusive club where only the most experienced and well-connected freight brokers can succeed. But it’s not true!

You can make a very good living as a freight broker and there is virtually no competition. There are only about 15,000 licensed trucking companies in the United States and less than 2% of them hire their own brokers. That means that 98% of the time they use an outside broker like yourself!

So what does this mean?

It means that there is a huge opportunity to earn money if you start your own freight brokering business today!

The best part about this business is that there are no limits on what you can earn – whether you want to make $100 per month or $1 million per year – this business has unlimited growth potential! And once you have mastered the basics of freight brokering, there are many other ways to expand your income by adding additional streams such as trucking jobs or transportation management services (TMS). All these opportunities combined will help grow your revenue exponentially so that soon enough you won’t need a job anymore!

Are there any other options out there? There are plenty of books available online but they don’t provide enough detail or give specific instructions on what steps should be taken next. That’s why I created this step-by-step guide that takes away all of the guesswork involved when it comes to starting your own freight brokering business from scratch.

It’s not easy but it can be done if you follow our simple 7-step process!

This book contains all the information you need who wants a home-based freight broker business startup. You won’t find another resource like this anywhere else on the internet because we’ve done all of the research ourselves! We know what works and what doesn’t work when starting your own freight broker business startup. It’s time for something new – let us help make your dreams come true today!

This book covers:

  • What the Freight Broker Does: become aware of the potential of the business
  • How the Industry Works and Who the Players Are: study the playing field, analyze competitors, identify the market’s needs, and score a touchdown!
  • What Are Up-Front Costs and How To Reduce Them to invest your time and money wisely, and avoid overspending
  • How To Create A Specific Business Plan For Freight Brokerage: double-checking every component of the business can help you prevent dangerous mistakes
  • An Easy-To-Follow 7-Step Guide To Start your home-based business in less than 30 days
  • Expert Strategies for customer acquisition
  • BONUS: Starter Kit – a collection of tools, contacts and ready-to-use forms to boost your business. (for paperback version only)

And much more…

It’s not just an amazing opportunity but also an incredible experience that can be yours every day of your life. It doesn’t matter if this is your first rodeo or if you have years of experience under your belt – this book was written specifically for people like us who are trying their hand at being their own boss.

Starting a freight broker business has never been simpler than with this easy-to-follow 7-step guide.

It’s like having your own mentor at your side every step of the way!



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