The Essential Guide To Becoming A Professional Athlete Paperback

Just like life in the real world, it pays to have connections. Knowing the right people can help launch careers that may not have gotten off the ground otherwise. Those connections don’t just bring opportunities but a wealth of knowledge as well. This experience can be especially helpful when you are entering the foreign world of professional sports for the first time. Having that extra knowledge from either first-hand experience or learning from a family member or friend is invaluable and can provide a significant advantage for those who possess it. And when it comes to an industry where fractions of a second can be the difference between success and failure, you can certainly use any edge you can get. In this book, I aim to help fill in the informational gap that first-time athletes and parents of athletes face when entering the sports world for the first time. For those people that do not have the personal experience or connections needed when trying to navigate through the countless challenges that come with being an aspiring professional athlete. However, this book brings to light some of the most important and unspoken issues within the sports world and is something that even the most seasoned athlete can benefit from reading. Even if it’s only a few things that you can take away from the book. Those few things may save you from years of heartache and pain. Or more importantly those few things may be that fraction of an edge that you need to help you become a successful athlete. I will provide helpful tips and tricks that either myself or other professional athletes have learned through first-hand experience to help give the aspiring athlete the best chance of success. Tips that can help athletes gain the advantage in the business side of sports or avoid those oh so common pitfalls that so many trip up on during their careers. My primary focus for writing this book is to provide insight into the sports world that lies just outside of the game itself. It is impossible to provide advice that applies to every sport when it comes to in game situations, and that is not what I am trying to accomplish here. However, the life that athletes experience outside of the game is incredibly similar no matter what sport they are involved in. And even though athletes will have to face many of the same challenges, this still remains to be the one area severely lacking in resources. Knowing how to manage the situations, and people that are entirely unique to the sports world is essential for your success as an athlete, and that is why I am giving you an inside look into the sports world. I will help shed light on situations that involve contracts, agents, coaches, girls, injuries, business, and anything else that hasn’t gotten the proper attention it deserves. Because if you want to be successful in your athletic journey then its time to start preparing for the life that lies just beyond the game itself. The examples and information that I have provided are from looking at the sports world with a critical eye. My professional career was without a doubt one of the best times of my life, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. However, if I would have had some simple knowledge of the world that lies just beyond the game, then I may have been able to save myself from some big headaches along the way. My intention is to share the knowledge that I have learned during my sports career so that I can help future athletes navigate through the countless challenges that come with being a professional athlete. I want to eliminate the distractions so that the athlete can put their focus back on the sport that they love to play.



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