The Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning: How to Turn Training and Development into Business Results 3rd Edition

Get real results for your business – maximize your training and development programs

Corporate learning and development programs play an undeniable role in successful business endeavors, but only when they’re done right. The significant revisions in the third edition of The Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning add fresh, timely elements to a resource that has become known globally as a trusted guide for professionals determined to get the most of their companies’ training and development programs. All-new examples, tools, guides, and insights combine to make an excellent, all-in-one resource for everyone from workplace professionals and HR managers to training development providers and businesses leaders looking to maximize the return on their enterprise’s learning budget.

Infused with current research and recent case studies, this resource serves as a practical guide that recommends concrete actions for producing tangible results. Tools, guides, and checklists in every chapter ensure that listeners walk away with meaningful strategies that can be implemented right away.

The book includes:

A complete review of research drawn from thousands of insights, goals, and lessons learned
Specific strategies and actions that can be put into effect quickly for immediate results
A focus on ROI for business leaders wanting to make a clearer connection between dollars spent and new skills gained
Checklists in each chapter to help learning organizations perform quality audits of new and existing learning programs
The third edition of The Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning contains so many new resources and so much thoroughly revised content that even those who own previous editions will find its reinvigorated approach highly beneficial. Strengthen the link between your learning efforts and your business goals with this increasingly popular, globally recognized resource.



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Listening Length10 hours and 11 minutes
AuthorRoy V. H. PollockAndrew McK. JeffersonCalhoun W. Wick
NarratorAl Kessel Release DateDecember 12, 2018
PublisherGildan Media, LLC
Program TypeAudiobook


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