Project Management for Beginners: A Powerful System for Managing Projects, Planning, Organizing & Scheduling Work & Life – With Proven Productivity, Leadership … & Procrastination Hacks To Get More Done

Do you want to discover the must-have project management hacks to achieve more success and master every area of your life?

Are you struggling with procrastination, getting organized, or managing people?

Would you like to perfect your leadership skills, boost your productivity, and manage your schedule like a pro?

If you’ve ever experienced project failure at home, work or even with your hobbies, you’re not alone.

Maybe you struggled with deadlines, time management or you ‘burned out’ along the way….

The truth is, project management isn’t easy.

And it’s important to remember that this is not your fault!

But becoming a successful project manager doesn’t happen by luck…you have to take action.

And that’s how Project Management for Beginners will empower you.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Seven project management hacks to boost your productivity
  • How to perfect your leadership skills, manage people, and create a winning team
  • A powerful blueprint for organizing projects at work and home that you can harness to achieve life mastery and more success
  • The biggest project management mistakes (and how to avoid them)
  • Eight highly effective tips for project management success
  • How to organize your schedule like a pro
  • The proven project management secrets of world class leaders

How would your life change if you could master project management, become more productive, and achieve anything you want without the fear of failure?

No matter how busy, overwhelmed, or intimidated you may feel about managing your projects, you’ll learn how to finally get organized and achieve everything you put your mind to.

Even if you’re struggling with procrastination or you’ve never managed a project before, this audiobook will empower you.

Discover the secrets of project management and achieve life mastery today.


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Listening Length3 hours and 30 minutes
AuthorRussell Barlow
NarratorJoe Wosik Release DateSeptember 03, 2019
PublisherRussell Barlow
Program TypeAudiobook


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