How to Focus: 54 Habits, Tools and Ideas to Create Superhuman Focus, Eliminate Distractions, Stop Procrastination and Achieve More with Less Work

Learn how to master your ability to focus and capacity to ignore distractions.

Do you feel like you’re always distracted and unfocused? Start improving your ability to focus with A.V. Mendez’s daily actionable guide that will give you the best ideas to kill distractions and build a habit that will make you more focused and ready to take action.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the information that we have today. There’s no lack of information about focus and productivity on Amazon and other platforms. This book isn’t just about information, it’s about building a habit and implementing a daily action guide that will help you achieve your goals.

Specifically, you will learn how to:


  • The best remedies for distractions that forces you to focus on your task almost instantly
  • The number one principle to follow if you want less distractions and more action
  • The real secret to building a meditation habit that doesn’t suck
  • Why a not-to-do list may be better than your classic to-do list
  • How your environment affects your ability to focus and what you can do about it
  • Should you multitask? Is it really dangerous for your productivity? Answered once and for all!
  • The one practice that you can do that will transform how you work, double your output, and make you get things done
  • Become two times faster almost overnight…this is so simple you’ll kick yourself why you haven’t done this in years!

You can eliminate information overload and go straight to the action by following the How to Focus daily plan.

You’ll discover how you can take massive action in your life by relying on an easy-to-implement daily task that doesn’t require willpower, but rather a daily habit that sticks!

Learn how to take control of your ability to focus and grab your copy today!

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Listening Length1 hour and 27 minutes
AuthorA.V. Mendez
NarratorTrevor Ohaire
Whispersync for VoiceReady Release DateNovember 07, 2020
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