Daily Habit Makeover: Beat Procrastination, Get More Productive, Focus Better, and Become Healthier in Body and Mind

Do you often lose focus? Convince yourself that your tasks can wait…when they can’t? Can’t follow any change in your habits more than a few weeks?

And when your deadlines arrive you start panicking so badly that you won’t be able to figure even where to start your task?

The time to do something about your bad habits is right now! Otherwise, you are in the danger that you will never start. Learn to identify, prioritize, and focus on your most important tasks and get them done.

Unlearn bad habits and build powerful, good ones.

  • Know the various ways to increase productivity in your life
  • Easily learnable and executable solutions that will make your day more organized and focused
  • Why is willpower your enemy when it comes to changes?
  • Two valuable philosophies to help you maintain your habit changes on a long term

Living on the right track depends on our day-to-day habits; the small everyday activities we aren’t always conscious about. Daily Habit Makeover will teach you how to adopt tailor-made habits into your lifestyle.

Optimize your life: become more productive and less stressed.

  • Acknowledge and start acting on procrastination
  • Learn five+ scientifically proven ways to increase focus
  • Quick methods to rank the importance of your tasks
  • Why multitasking sabotages you and what’s its alternative

Control your habits, own your life.

  • Finish what you started – every time
  • Best habits of three world leaders to enhance motivation
  • 15+ signs that help you prevent procrastination
  • 50 small, quickly applicable strategies to build a better life today
  • The best apps and programs that help you stay productive

Daily Habit Makeover helps you reach your maximal productivity and greatest potential by teaching you how to think in a system that excludes procrastination. Know how to identify your most important tasks following a simple mathematical formula and stay disciplined to build productivity habits.


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