Negotiation Mythbusters: Rethinking Everything You Know About Building Strong Agreements

Without clarity, how can we make effective decisions?

If we believe a myth, how can we know the reality?

Negotiation is a complex human activity. It is so complex that many attempts to simplify negotiation result in the creation of a myth. The tricky part about myth is the small kernel of truth. The dangerous part of the myth is the fantastic narrative that hides the truth from us. Negotiation myths undermine our ability to build the right principles, habits, and culture for strong agreements that do not fall apart easily.

This book explores 30 common negotiation myths. No sacred cow is left untouched! The mission of the Mythbuster is to gain clarity by unlocking the truth from the myth!

Dan Oblinger and Allan Tsang are both practitioners of negotiation and experienced negotiation coaches. Dan is a hostage negotiator and business consultant focused on consulting engineers. Allan is an international consultant for companies and startups in all industries. Together, they lead the #NegotiationTribe, an online community of learners. Their joint coaching programs for tactical and strategic negotiations are built upon the same principles, critical examination of “common wisdom”, and practical habits that this book chapmions.

Sales professionals, buyers, leaders, managers, and executives must negotiate every day. This book is for them. From The “Win-Win” Trap, to the myth that we must trust each other to do business, it is time for any serious negotiator to re-think everything they know for sure about deal making!

Some of the messy myths that get busted here include:
– Negotiation is Win-Win
– A Good Negotiation Means Everyone Gives Up Something They Want
– Knowledge is Power
– Always be Empathetic
– Trust is Necessary
– Just Ask All the Right Questions
– Aggressive Negotiators Get What They Want
– Negotiation is Manipulation
– Everything is a Negotiation
– Negotiations are about Leverage and Power
– And 20 more!

If you have harbored doubts about some of the most popular expressions, practices, or slogans of negotiation trainers, this book is for you. If you’ve ever tried a negotiation tactic that a trainer guaranteed to work, but it didn’t, this book is for you! If you want to strengthen your relationships and agreements at work, this book is for you. If you want to honor and nurture your amazing loved ones every day, this book is definitely for you! (Pay special attention to Myth #3!)

Dan and Allan believe that we are all negotiators and that if we become excellent, good things happen in all areas of our lives. This book is a proposal about the reality of negotiations and how people make strong agreements. Read it and decide for yourself!



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