Emotional Intelligence: For a Better Life, success at work, and happier relationships. Improve Your Social Skills, Emotional Agility and Discover Why … IQ. (EQ 2.0) (Brandon Goleman Collection

Emotional Intelligence – The One Important Social Skill To Lead A Better Life, Build Happier and Meaningful Relationships, Enjoy Crazy Success At Work and Discover Why It Can Matter More Than IQ

Want To See A Drastic Improvement In Your Everyday Life? Then Get Familiar With The Art of Reading People, Accelerate Your Learning, Boost Your Emotional Agility and Skyrocket Your Confidence!

Did you know that people with higher emotional intelligence tend to naturally cooperate better with their colleagues?

This is because they are more ahead in their communication’s game unlike others. They are not only easily capable of sharing their ideas with the rest of the group, but they are also able to Hear, and most importantly, Listen To What Their Team Has To Say…

It does not really matter what your vocation or craft is. Emotional Intelligence is a skill that translates in all spheres of life…

Begin Your Journey Of Self-Awareness and Get In Charge of Your Emotions, Eradicate Anxiety and Any Negative Self-Talk with This Powerful Book!

Going Through These Pages you will:

  • Understand How Emotional Intelligence can help you make a positive impact both at work and in your personal life
  • Learn Which Are The Core Emotions and learn how to read other people
  • Be Able to Better Define Your Personal Values and never stress out when taking a decision or approaching a particular situation
  • Find Out How To Influence Others and get what you want without looking like a manipulative person
  • Build Meaningful and Lasting Relationships based on mutual respect, empathy and trust

And these are only a few of the topics…

Getting a diploma or graduating from university has its start and end date, but…

Knowing yourself and mastering your emotions takes a lifetime.The return of investmenthowever, to put it mildly, will be priceless.

Are You Ready To Positively Change Your Life? If so…


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