Emotional Intelligence: A Comprehensive Guide to Improving Your Social Skills and Emotional Agility. Boost Your Happier Relationships, People Skills, Emotional Control and EQ

If you’re interested in learning more about yourself and how to apply emotional intelligence to have a happy and fulfilling life, continue reading.

For some time, the issue of emotional intelligence has been a source of academic dispute. Many have addressed the topic of why people behave emotionally the way they do throughout time. Certain individuals have addressed this topic from the perspective of two schools of thought — the nature vs nurture debate.

The nature argument’s proponent attributes human behavior to extra-natural forces. This subfield of behavioral psychology holds the belief that people are born with a predetermined habit that they will retain throughout their lives. As a result, altering one’s emotional behavior is unlikely.

The second school of thought holds that human conduct changes over time in response to our environment. According to proponents of this line of thinking, humans are a product of their surroundings. Thus, a person’s conduct is a culmination of the settings to which he has been exposed throughout the course of his life.

Whichever school you subscribe to, what remains consistent is the necessity to comprehend why we behave emotionally the way we do. Additionally, we must understand how our emotional conduct affects our connection. Finally, if there is a flaw in our emotional behavior, it is important to learn how to rein in these excesses. After reading this book, you will have gained understanding of the aforementioned.

This book is organized chronologically, so you do not need to be familiar with emotional intelligence terminology to have a thorough knowledge of the topics covered. You will be introduced to the idea of emotional intelligence and guided through the key concepts connected with it.

The following is a quick overview of the ideas addressed in this book:

Emotional Intelligence Definition

In the Workplace, Emotional Intelligence

In Relationships, Emotional Intelligence

In Our Daily Lives, Emotional Intelligence

We’ll look at how emotional intelligence may help us make better judgments in our daily lives. Additionally, we will provide insight into how to cultivate productive connections through emotional intelligence.

Finally, you will be introduced to activities that you may include into your daily life to boost your emotional intelligence.


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