The Art of Decision Making: How We Move from Indecision to Smart Choices

Why are some of us better than others at committing to a decision? How can we move from indecision and procrastination to smart choices? What are the forces that hold us back and how can we successfully overcome them?

The Art of Decision MakingĀ explores, analyses and navigates the idea of volition: ‘the power to use one’s own will in order to make decisions.’ By drawing on diverse sources, Joseph Bikart has created a precise map of the intricate paths we take when we move from will to action.

Looking closely at our fears around the choices we make, Bikart helps us to delve into the intricate defense mechanisms we create around decision making and asks if these perhaps mask deeper fears around the self.

The Art of Decision MakingĀ will help you to make better decisions and find the common thread between those decisions. It will show you how to follow that thread, and in so doing, move from hesitation to decisiveness.



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Listening Length7 hours and 34 minutes
AuthorJoseph Bikart
NarratorBill Bingham
Whispersync for VoiceReady Release DateSeptember 08, 2019
PublisherBolinda Publishing Pty Ltd
Program TypeAudiobook


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