Mastering Confrontation: Become an Expert at Effective Communication. Master the Art of Dealing with Conflict

Families spend 50 minutes per day arguing, do you want to be wasting your life in conflict?

The right tools can help you turn fights into positive learning experiences and even opportunities for growth.

A new study reveals shocking statistics – we spend an average of 49 minutes per day fighting with family members! In addition, 2.8 hours of work time per week is also dedicated to conflicts. Instead of being focused on something productive, we’re wasting energy on interactions that are very often meaningless and sometimes – destructive.

Society tends to have a pretty negative view on confrontation, which is why most of us will never learn how to disagree in a meaningful way and how to actually start perceiving conflict as a learning opportunity.

Conflict, however, can be a truly beneficial thing because:

  • It allows us to learn more about others
  • New ideas can be born during a heated interaction
  • It can teach many valuable skills: Patience, active listening, collaboration, and flexibility

In Mastering Confrontation, you’ll discover:

  • Some of the most common causes of arguments, disagreements and conflicts in the workplace, at home, or among friends
  • What’s active listening and why you need to start practicing it today
  • The strategies for resolving a conflict like a boss 
  • The importance of knowing when the situation can’t be salvaged and you need to quit
  • And much more.

Mastering Confrontation by Robert Hunt can help you change your mindset gradually using concrete steps.

Get this audiobook now to master uncomfortable situations, improve your communication, and learn the ins and outs of conflict resolution.


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Listening Length3 hours and 4 minutes
AuthorRobert Hunt
NarratorLogan Foster
Whispersync for VoiceReady Release DateMarch 23, 2020
PublisherSpero LLC
Program TypeAudiobook


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