No matter where you live or your income level, opportunities to become wealthy surround you. Recognizing and capitalizing on these opportunities, however, can be daunting. The solution to both these problems is to become an expert in a high-value skill set.

When you have a high-value skill set you immediately recognize ways to apply it to create value. Furthermore, people who know of your skill sets will bring you opportunities to use them. Most importantly, you will recognize opportunities not apparent to others, meaning less competition.

Expertise in your skill set helps you take advantage of opportunities more quickly since you can make it with less information available. Furthermore, your risk is reduced because you know the appropriate questions to ask and knowledge of warning signs. Finally, if the opportunity doesn’t turn out to be as attractive as you thought you, can use your skill set to make it better.

For example, someone who has experience running a furniture store could make a faster and more wise decision about purchasing one for sale than I could. Furthermore, they would be more capable of handling challenges that come up after the purchase.