Neuro Linguistic Programming is the process of retraining your subconscious mind. The sooner you take control of this powerful tool, the faster and easier success will come. If you are like most people, you constantly sabotage yourself with negative thoughts looping through your mind preventing you from taking reasonable risks or tackling new challenges. I’m going to show you a basic technique called ANCHORING to help you interrupt negative self-talk and re-direct yourself into a positive state.

First, close your eyes and vividly recall a time when you were in the desired state. Then put a picture frame around the memory. Now using your finger and thumb, expand the picture frame like a picture on your mental screen. Good, the feeling should get stronger. Next, use your fingers to reach out and tack that picture and physically touch a place on your body like your wrist or neck (the anchor) Now each time you find yourself in a negative state, you can touch the anchor and recall the positive state. Repeat the anchoring process as needed, each time trying to vividly recall all the desired feelings and senses.