If you have cultivated high-value skills and promoted yourself through networking or marketing, then you will have a stream of opportunities to evaluate. The following are important questions to answer to ensure you conserve time, money, and relationships.

1. Is it aligned with my passion?
2. Is it consistent with my values?
3. Does it utilize my primary skill sets?
4. What do I gain in exchange?
5. Do I have the time and resources to do it?
6. Could I refer someone who could do it better?
7. How will it affect my other opportunities?
8. What is my exit strategy?
9. Is it repeatable and scalable?
10. Will it negatively impact any of my relationships?
11. Does it increase my reputation?
12. What are the risks involved and my tentative mitigation strategies?
13. Does it improve my community?
14. How does it affect my emotional and physical well-being?
15. Is there a clear financial benefit?

Don’t underestimate the importance of printing and using these questions as a checklist. Failing to thoroughly evaluate opportunities leads to overpromising, underdelivering, poor results, waning commitment, stress, damaged relationships, and other nasty side effects. Be focused and disciplined.