Stress driven by uncertainty can paralyze us, allowing the normal pressures of life to compound the problems we face into a downward spiral. Confidence has the opposite effect – attracting opportunity borne of our decisive action and leveraging our skills into multiple streams of income. Since our natural tendency is to focus on the negative, consider the following to fight anxiety:

1. Simplify your life – avoid extraneous activities that draw your attention without resulting in substantial benefit.
2. Focus on what you do well- Growth comes from exploring beyond our comfort zone. Sometimes though, you have to tap the brakes and go back to what has worked in the past to get your bearings before making the next push.
3. Enlist the support of others in making decisions – A different perspective and other expertise can bring clarity to action.
4. Be thankful – An attitude of gratitude will focus you on the positives in your life, breaking the negative subconscious loop.
5. Break down your goals – Smaller chunks build repeated success and fight procrastination.
6. Be mindful – Know your triggers and avoid situations that put you at risk.