At WealthAdvantage, we encourage people to pursue their passion to prosperity.  Once that passion is identified, we use it as a filter to prioritize activities that consume time and energy. 

 But what do you do if you have competing passions?  If both of the passions can utilize your primary skills, you might try and pursue both simultaneously and adjust your goals and expectations accordingly.  This isn’t ideal, however, because dividing your attention is inherently inefficient.  Imagine setting goals of becoming a world-class Iron Man triathlete as well as a grandmaster chess champion.  Will you have the time and energy to be masters of both?

Instead, I would recommend pursuing the passions sequentially,.  Start with the one that you have the greatest probability of achieving, taking into consideration the resources you have available and the time needed.  Once you get that passion to the point where you can replace yourself with defined processes and other people, then you can pursue the second passion.  

It may seem like you are admitting defeat if you put one of your dreams on the back burner.  You can’t look at it from this perspective, though.  Planning in advance for the sequential completion of goals allows you to psychologically accept the delayed completion.  Remind yourself that by intentionally taking your dreams in order, you can apply greater focus and accelerate the completion.  

Take a few moments and list the dreams that you have and put those in order of priority.