Much of your opportunity is affected by your image. Not only the image that others have of you but the image that you have of yourself. Of the two, the latter is most important, because self-image dictates what you project to others and in turn influences their opinion and desire to do business with you. Are you projecting self-confidence, reliability, creativity, determination, self-respect, integrity, drive, discipline, focus, knowledge, and conscientiousness? Take a few moments and write out the top four characteristics that you feel are most important for you to project in order to achieve your goals (wealth, success, etc). Then ask four other people to list the top four characteristics that come to mind regarding you. I hope you are in the 15% of people that will take this step. It will enlighten you. Conduct a gap analysis of the results and take action, such as training, positive self-talk, grooming, and habit changes that will align your actual image with your desired image.